Monday, August 27, 2012


Once upon a time,there were two girls who loved each other just as much as they loved playing dress up.
One is supposedly mature,collected,eloquent and practical. 
The other is a trendsetter,hothead,creative and radical.
Both impulsive,both dreamers,both in love with beauty,fashion,fitness,and all things girly.

We are Fathima (Pathu) & Amitha(Amy), we both are girly girls who just want a place to share all those things that we love to the world.We plan on making this into an all girls network where you can find posts on makeup,skincare,nail art,fashion,red carpet events,fitness,hair,healthy eating and everything girly under the sky.Sometimes,there might be some posts about friendships,relationships and about getting through hard times. Here are some basic facts about us~
We are both from Kerala state in India,we are both 17 and is in 12th grade in high school.We have been best friends for just nearly one year,but feels like we have know each other for a whole life time
Fathima (myself) is obsessed with makeup,especially eye makeup and loves layering when it comes to fashion because I am a Muslim and is always wearing full sleeves and shawls.I have also struggled with my weight for a long time and is now slowly on my way to a healthier life and a healthier me.

More About Fathima

Amitha is an avid fashion lover who believes fashion is her passion and drug.She is creative,impulsive and loves attention.She is not a high fashion person,but rather believes that personality and uniqueness is the best accessory and hence,the best trend for oneself is the one that you create by yourself.She is really into finding new ways to express herself and that is where her love for nail art began.

More About Amitha

We plan on creative an interactive platform where girls like us could read about all their vices at a single spot and share their views and opinions.In short,we plan on making this an  
All Girls Network


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