Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vintage Rose Nail Art

This is a nail art that is quick easy,but makes it look like you spend hours doing it.This is perfect for almost all girly girls.This is very springy and an infinite number of versions of this is possible!

 Now Onto the tutorial,

 Things you need:

  1. Base color of your choice,generally pastel shades are preferred for this purticular look.
  2. 2 shades of the same color family for the rose.(or use a white/black nail polish to lighten/darken the shade you want).
  3. White Polish
  4. Colorless Polish
  5. Green polish
  6. Nail Polish Remover.
Here are the steps to achieving this amazing nail art.

 Step 1- Start with a dry base color.

 Step 2-Using a light color of your choice, paint roundish blobs on the nail.

Step 3-Using a darker shade of the same color family as your "blobs",add some squiggly lines around the blob,to make it look like flower petals.Try adding 2 small c shapes at the center of the blob and some lines at the outer parts of the blob.
Step 4-Add some accents using the white polish between the petals to make it look even more defined. Also add leaves using a green polish(about 2 around a flower).
Step5-Add a  clear coat and you are ready to strut your gorgeous rose nail art.
I hope you liked this tutorial and please give me more suggestions of what nail art you would like me to do.



  1. Hi there that looks nice nd i'm following you now,
    Love frome Paro

  2. Your nails look incredible :)

  3. This nail art design is really very tremendous. I like its unique style. Nail paints color and it's mix up matching is also too nice. Color combination is giving this design a beautiful look. Sky blue and purple color is perfect for a best nail art designing. Thanks for sharing.


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