Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why Not?: Lungi version!

We always wear what is socially conventional to our gender. Why not take something very masculine,traditional and casual and turn it into its exact opposite? Make it look girly,edgy and chic?
The Lungi for has become a clothing only for men to wear indoors, and to be worn by both genders that does labor intensive works.But it is so much more than that! It is comfortable,cheap, convertible and colorful!!

Here are two variations of wearing the same lungi.
We have worn the lungi in the same way, in both the outfits. We wore a casual leggins underneath and made single pleats and tucked it into the waistband of the leggings.
In the first look,
We went for a more edgy look by pairing the lungi with a full sleeve black t-shirt, a thick black belt with stones set in it, and a square scarf wrapped around the neck.On one hand we stacked a number of black and white metal bracelets to keep up with the current arm candy trend and wore rather traditional looking black metal bangle set.
For makeup, we went with black smoked out eyeshadow and lots of kajal and just lipbalm on lips.
We paired the outfit with side swept hair inspired by side cornrows, Like these:

For the second look, we decided to make it more glam. We got rid of the scarf and wore a gunmetal gray statement necklace, swapped in the black clothes belt for something in leather with a big metal buckle and changed up the sleeves of the black tee to mega sleeves.

This look is a classic example of how changing up the hairstyle can help a lot in changing up the outfit's whole vibe. We switched from the side swept hair, to a more girly side braid.

P.S. Makeup, Hair and Styling by Fathima from BQD...
Check out her blog over at Babble Queen Diaries...

Thats it for now folks!!

Make a difference and switch to Lungi Y'all!! 

Be On the look out for more outfits from us!!
Especially more from our WHY NOT? series..

Peace and Love!!!


  1. Wow, creative, shud b little more colorful, anyway keepitup, BOL

  2. girlzzz,.,,clapzzz.,!!!

    Idea z awesome,.,!!! Let things hit were it need to be,.!!!


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