Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Sky Full Of Stars

This outfit was worn by yours truly on a trip with friend's to Fort Cochin.. The shoes were not that comfortable, I'll give you that, but the pain of not looking good far outweighs the pain from uncomfortable shoes.

My makeup consisted of my usual look of just black eyeliner and a juicy red lipstick.

This outfit direly needed some bling, and rings were the way to go of course!  The mustache ring was actually a gift from the friend who came from Qatar, and went to Fort Cochin with. It was totally unprecedented, but the ring fit in perfectly into this outfit!

The shoes were totally the star of this outfit,in addition to the star jeggins of course! The bottoms were picked up from Reliance Trends at Oberon mall. The shoes were also was picked up from a relatively new shop called payless at Oberon Mall,Ernakulam. I also picked up two other much gorgeous pairs of heels. Dont worry,those heels will be seen soon on the blog!! 

I hope you like this outfit and do let me know your comments and opinions!!

Much Love, and Peace!! 


  1. love those stars, n those blue shoes , indeed a stylish look.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  2. Hi ,

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