Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just call me a green meanie..

I love wearing all shades of the rainbow, and yesterday, I was just feeling GREEN. Dont think that I was envious or jealous. I just felt happy and young and for me,that is what green is! Although my expression in the above picture might make it seem like I am kind of angry/jealous about something. :P 
It was not intentional, I swear!!

For this outfit, I decided to wear my favorite white jeggings, which I ripped myself (ahem!There is a larger story behind the rip!) with the green sleeveless dress. I wore a white self designed overcoat on top and paired it with my favorite red pumps. I also decided to wear a string of pearls twisted into a bracelet and a belt-bracelet on the other arm. 

You can see the belt bracelet on my arm there. I simply coiled a belt on top of itself, till it was the correct length and then looped it in like any normal belt. 
For this look, I decided to go for black winged out liner and a barbie pink lipstick.

Here is a better look at my favorite red pumps I wore with this outfit!!

Well, that is it for now!
Hope you all have a great day!

Peace and Love! <3


  1. I liked the make up. Good work :-)

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